Bare Collective

Align what you do with what you love.

It’s your right to do meaningful work in the world. Don’t wait. Don’t waste. Don’t over-complicate.

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We’re here to free
you from the past.


You don’t need a big budget
You don’t need months to create a brand and website
You don’t need a big agency to create world-class film
You don’t need to hustle
You don’t need to listen to your fear
You don’t need to know everything
You don’t need a 5 year plan
You don’t need perfection

Whether starting-up, or growing a brand -
You no longer need to hide behind the old rules.


Helping Brett launch his award-winning health and fitness brand.


The Bare Way changes lives
by changing the story.


Whether you need a strategy, your purpose discovered, a business model, a store interior, or a film, the Bare Way is the thing that sets us apart. The funny thing is, the Bare Way is always emerging because of it’s very nature. It’s not something you can google. It’s not something that shows up the same every time - but we know it is something you feel (because people tell us this).

That said, this is a website and you probably need to know the things we can cover:


5 days to elevate: a collaboration on a fresh brand website.

The guys at Bare never fail to astonish, not only with the quality of their work, but with how they grasped what we do and fell in love with it.
— Jess Hobbs, Jisp


In 5 days, Natasha launched her eCommerce store and started her mission to change the story on plastic and mindless buying