Photography that doesn't cost the earth


Minimise waste, maximise output

We’re firm believers in doing more with less and we try to apply this to every area of our creative output - including photography and filmmaking.

Traditionally, a photoshoot would take weeks of planning art directing, scouting and outsourcing, all of which has to be paid for by someone.

However, we know it’s possible to produce great quality film and photography with just 1 day shooting and 1 day editing. Don't believe us? See it for yourself here.


How it works

The way we see it, it’s hard to plan for every eventuality, so you might as well embrace it. we keep the planning to a minimum, but cover the essentials, saving days of time. We believe that if you already have a decent content strategy in place, then knowing what you need to shoot should be easy.

Here's our essentials when it comes to planning a shoot:

  • Art direction - usually Pinterest.

  • Location

  • Date - weather permitting.

  • The product / service we are shooting.

  • Desired number of shots - that way, we can work out how long to spend on each.

  • The packing list - What gear do we need.

Don't get us wrong, shooting all of this is a hard days work, but that’s fine. We have a lot to cover and the best light is always sunrise and sunset. Getting up early can be a struggle, but for a photoshoot it’s always worth the effort.


What you get

Our 1 day shoot package is pretty flexible. You could use the day to produce:

  • 1 months worth of social content (30 photos or a short film with teasers)
  • Update your website images
  • Capture product imagery
  • Shoot your look book for next season
  • Photograph or film your next event


How much?

£950 all in. Sound good?

Jon Syrett