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How to turn your lifeless copy into a compelling brand story

Story. Storytelling. Storytellers. These are words so shamelessly thrown around that, for many, they’ve gone the way of the buzzword. And, like so many buzzwords, they’ve lost all sense of meaning.


However, unlike a typical buzzword, stories are something we need now more than ever before. We can’t stress this enough. Stories are what make us human; they are what allow us to be humans in kind. And whether you are a brand, business, or lone wolf, in this hostile industry environment, it is on a human level that your best customers connect with you the most (Protein, 2016).

Over the following pages, we’ll explore some simple, powerful storytelling strategies that your business can’t afford to live without. Individually, these are not our strategies, but together they form the basis of the many dozens of powerful brand offerings we’ve crafted at Bare Collective. we hope you find them useful.

This is, as you’re probably thinking, a whistle-stop tour of message creation. It’s something that we will be adding to and refining over the coming months. It is, however, what we consider to be the Minimum Viable Edition of this book. That is: even in its current state, you could take the lessons and workbook activities noted down herein and improve your lifeless copy into a compelling brand story.

And really, we can’t wait to see you do so. This world - and the brands it contains - could truly benefit from richer stories and more mindful marketing.


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