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Liam and the 'Lama

These two pop icons - Liam Gallagher, and the Dalai Lama - offer very different opinions on what makes success. But by fusing their approaches, and passing them through Jo’s unique filter, the talk dramatically shifts the lens on the way we do business, and why we do it at all.

You don’t live forever. 

Jo begins by thinking about the end. We ask businesses to think about the person they wished to be remembered as. The upshot: only by understanding our end goal can we can act accordingly to achieve it. 

Know yourself. 

Your inner compass, and knowing what’s right by it are absolutely essential to business integrity. To know yourself is to know how to react to deviations - whether it’s good advice, bad advice, roadblocks, hurdles, or celebrations. 

No Pony. 

Liam knew what needed to be done and why, which ultimately contributed to the success of Pretty Green. “Pony” was always his way of saying something was superfluous or beside the point. 

Connect with your fans. 

Liam’s decision to live-stream and chat with his tribe brought the people what they wanted: a direct link to the rockstar himself. They still continue to love him and his brand today. 

Be fearless. 

The Dalai Lama once said, “Know the rules well so you can break them effectively”. Liam knew exactly what the market was, and how it behaved… which is why he was able to disrupt it so well. 

Be different. 

Different is beats better. In a world where markets are saturated, running the path of betterment can only lead to a price war, which will ultimately leave you cheapening your brand just to get sales. The path of difference stands proudly above that problem. 

Tell the human story. 

The old model of ‘creating a service, and the customer will buy it’ doesn’t work. There’s too much choice. Only by listening deeply to consumers want, and telling your story in a way they want to hear can a business be successful. 

Never, ever, give-up. 

You will go home, and you will lose faith. The key thing is to never lose hope, it’s only by facing the hurdles that you’ll become a more resilient leader down the line. 

Make a difference. 

“If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” 

It’s often not about changing the world, says Jo. She believes that the small changes we make add up to create a positive impact for future generations. 

Start a revolution from your bed. 

When we have something on our mind at night, we come up with ideas. These ideas spark motion, and these motions could be the start of a revolution. 

Definitely, maybe. 

Buddhism teaches the art of non-attachment. 

Everything said here in this blog might or might not apply to you.

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