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Louis Learns

We don't have job titles at Bare. In theory, this allows everyone to nimbly jump from role to role without being told to get back in their tunnel-vision nook. 

I'm a writer, and have been for years, so given the above, I figured it was high time to broaden my horizons. This week, I started learning HTML and CSS (don't worry lovely clients, all in my spare time). I'd like to use the Bare blog as a place to chart my progress over the coming weeks and months, and if you've got any tips for me, please share them in the comments.

Much love,


Things I learned last week

  • How to make lists
  • What HTML and CSS stand for, why it's important that they exist separately, and how they behave
  • The absolute basics
  • About elements, classes and IDs (and also a bit about pseudo elements and specificity)
  • About padding, borders, and margins (and the relationship between them)
  • About why the hell we use <div> elements

Things I need to learn this week

  • How to split things (e.g. lists) into two columns
  • About 'float'
  • About properly structuring things on the page
  • How to repurpose certain basic elements (like headers) so I can hit the ground running between projects
  • Increasing my HTML/CSS vocabulary

My skills in action: