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Netwalking #1: Cows, conspiracies and Old Harry Rocks

We constantly escape to the outdoors as a remedy - to stress, to creative block, and to many hours sat behind desks - and we can't tell you enough how effective it is. We thought it was high time to combine the wonders of walking with the art of networking; we figured there'd be no better way to get off on the right foot with the right people.

The narrow doors of the Bankes Arms forced us sideways into the bitter air of the Purbecks, and our first Netwalk began. There were nine of us. Ten including Rosie.

We followed the road for a bit, passed a few fields, and ascended. Some of us talked about the slow-moving education system (and then moved on to conspiracies, Zeitgeist and what humans want in life). Others spoke about how fashion is demanding a circular economy. Mati tried to befriend some cows.

When we reached Old Harry, those of us who suffered from vertigo stood right back, while the more daring (Mati again) tried to capture some GoPro action shots.

We took in the view for a while, and Jason dropped a small branch from the cliff (?), and then we circled back to the pub for a chin wag and a well-deserved drink. We also talked about the time Jon slept in the roof of a leisure centre.

As experiments go, we'd say that Netwalking #1 was highly successful; there's no doubt that the conversations we had were enhanced by the walk, and we'll remember the experience (and contacts) much more than if we were thrown in a busy conference hall.

We aim to go Netwalking again next month. If anyone's interested, drop an email to jon@barecollective.co.

A big thanks to Gwyn and Gerrard for joining us, and to everyone for reading. 

More news on Netwalk #2 when we have it.