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Netwalking event March 17th - 2.30 pm-6pm

According to a study by Ecopsychology (and us actually), walking in nature in groups is one of the best things we can do for our health and wellbeing. But it's often hard, especially with juggling careers, a family and a social lives, to make time to get out there into nature. Especially when there are other more pressing things to do: like networking. Love it or hate it, every good entrepreneur knows the benefits, but often events can be awkward or too forced.

We think it's time for a little disruption in the world of networking.

At Bare, we're obsessed with efficiency of time and energy. Bare Co-founder, resident photographer and outdoors lover, Jon, came to us with the question, 'What if we combined the very beneficial act of networking with the beneficial act of walking in nature?' 

We saw this as a 'what if' test. One you're invited to join. On the 17th March, join us to see whether Netwalking is indeed the new Networking.

This Netwalk is for people who like to try out new ideas; who like to hack their health and businesses in positive ways. It's for people who own or work in progressive organisations; who love the outdoors and tell themselves that they ARE going to make time to get into nature. If you like simple things, easy-going conversations and the idea of hatching big visions and ideas into the world, come and meet others who can share ideas, learnings and lessons on life, business, growth and health.

We'll depart from a Dorset-based location (within a 5-mile radius of Bournemouth) and do a 5km hike somewhere beautiful. You'll need to leave your office by 2.15pm and the route details will be announced by Jon on Friday 10th March.

For now, all you need to do is email the team and let us know you're up for joining us on the 17th. This isn't about getting big numbers, but it will be great to have a good number of netwalk testers to get as much feedback as we can for this first session.

So, if you know someone, please invite them along too - just email: Jon@barecollective.co

Thanks for reading and see you on the 17th!