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We've moved - but it's more than just a change of space.

We moved offices this week, and we're pretty damn excited about it. You'll now find us sitting snugly underneath the Bournemouth Hilton on Terrace Road - right in the centre of town. The space is amazing, and great for all the roadmapping and Radical Collaboration we're doing. It's even got a bar, though we'll only be hooking our taps up to the keg at the weekend. 

But for us, this isn't just a cool, novel new working space. For us this feels more grown-up; like the methods and theories we've been putting into practice over the last couple of months (and probably a year before that, unofficially) are finally standing up and taking traction. This office move signifies the dawn of a new era for us, and we can't wait to show you around. Feel free to pop down whenever you like for a coffee (or a pint).