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What do disruptive, revolutionary brands need to succeed?

Your customers want to spend their money with you, they just don't know it yet. According to customer acquisition guru, Callan Rush, 97% of your ideal customers aren't even looking for your product or service. Think about it from their perspective: 

  1. I'm a human.
  2. I need a new hat.
  3. I'm stumped for ideas, because there's too much choice.
  4. Actually, I can't spot anything I like anyway.
  5. I don't feel catered for. 
  6. I still need a new hat.

    If you're like the vast majority of brands, you'll have faith in your product. You're probably sure that, if a customer gets their hands on one, they'll love it. Same here. The trouble is, there's probably a hundred brands selling the same kind of product, each one claiming to be the best. Even if you spend time and energy on SEO, you're still competing for hard-won space, and you're still standing in a crowd even if you do get a decent spot. The only other option is to chop your prices, but that's rarely a fun strategy.

    So, a good product's not good enough. Keywords don't totally cut it. You don't want to cheapen your brand.

    What you need is a genuine point of difference...

    ... which brings us to the truth:

    If you want to disrupt or revolutionise your market, you need to grab people at the mindset level, not the wallet level.


    It might seem like a mysterious and challenging angle to adopt. But the fact is: the greatest brands of this generation are increasingly rooted in a strong, uniting, inclusive philosophy. They tell a story that's as much about their customer as it as about themselves. That's not only how they manage to secure attention, but how they keep it too.

    They aren't selling hats, they're selling what the hat represents. Everyone has a cause they believe in, or a job to get done, or something they stand behind. And if you hit that on the head, you won't need to sell hats; you'll be selling your brand, your story. Let's look at that customer journey again:

      1. I'm a human.
      2. I need a new hat.
      3. Oh my God, yes! These guys get it. They get me.
      4. They sell hats too? 
      5. I love my new hat, and I'm on board with this brand for good
      6. I'll tell my friends about this.

    That's the dream, right?

    Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, once said that, 'At Patagonia, making a profit is not the goal,' which is something we also aspire to. 'The Zen master would say profits happen "when you do everything else right."'

    We believe that today, "everything else" is your story. And "right" is how you tell it. This is what we specialise in uncovering, planning and actioning, and it's what we're passionate about. Whether you want to disrupt, revolutionise, or simply generate healthy revenue, it's the key, and you won't last another generation without it. 

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