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Big Green Egg #2: Much more spakkal, and the foundation for a new look

Hello again guys, and what a lovely day it is to be welcoming you to your second project update. 

It's been a nuts-and-bolts, behind-the-scenes kind of week here at Bare HQ, but when you add the many small (but important) changes we've made together, things are really starting to look awesome. Edinburgh's not that far away now, and we can't wait to meet you there. Anyway, here's a rundown of what we've been up to:


Style update

At the start of the week, Dan created a design brief for Tom&Co based on the new typography and visual style. They quoted 15 hours for completion of the work, which is maybe a bit on the lengthy side, but not totally unreasonable (Steve, 2017). Once the new banner and text styles are back with us, we'll implement the changes site wide. 

(NOTE: The site's looking much better now already (we think), but you'll have to hold out for this step to get the full impact of Dan's work! Assuming all goes well with Tom&Co, we still expect to have this in place by the end of Monday 24th April.)

Imagery update

Dan and Jon also performed a comprehensive top-to-bottom of the Big Green Egg photography assets in One Drive. It was a little chaotic before, so they've picked out and labelled the most useful folders for site imagery, and also identified anything that appears to be missing.

By the end of the day today (Friday), all appropriate photography will be in place on the staging site.

In addition, Jon also created an edit of the homepage film. We wanted to cut to the chase and show that awesome reveal; we figured that was the most un-normal thing about the video. (You can do that on a barbecue?!) He transitioned into a cinemagraph once the Egg opened, to keep the meat in pride of place but with the dynamics of moving smoke. It's also a little off-centre now (purposefully!), to account for the left-aligned text of the new styling. 

Blocker alert: We've had some trouble uploading the film to the staging site. It gives us a 'HTTP Error'. Jon reckons it's to do with content permissions; Gavin's contacted Tom&Co about this already. We're still encountering the issue, so will have to wait to hear back from them before we can proceed. You can see the film here though, if you'd like a sneak (if a bit out of context) preview:


Copy & User Journeys

There's been a whole lotta love on the copy front this week. We've worked through some of the... shall we say 'drier' pages (like Ts&Cs) to bring a bit of life to them. We've looked at the smaller strings of copy too, to make them more conversational. Additionally, we've reworked the About Us page, and simplified/edited/proofed every page on the site. (Excluding recipes, as they'll need some dedicated attention, and actually, they aren't too shabby already.)

Since we've been able to explore the front-end (thanks Gavin! :) ), we thought it'd be high-time to start linking our new-fangled user journeys together. So, links should be accurate now, and you should be able to get a pretty good flavour of how things will feel when we move things over to the live site. 

You can have a gander here.

Perhaps the biggest difference you'll notice is the de-prioritisation of the cooking modes. We talked about this during our last meeting, and it was sort of divisive, but we think we've got a solid rationale/explanation for why we're doing it and how. Over to Louis for the scoop:

Another quick note on this: we're still in need of some more info on how to set things up for each cooking mode and FAQs for each mode too. As such, you'll find the cooking modes pages look a bit bare at the mo. Once we've got the info, content will be super quick to turn around.


Next week: Finishing up, putting live, and moving onto emails

Monday and Tuesday will be where we (Tom&Co dependent) can apply the new styling, and make any necessary tweaks to get things looking amazing. We really feel like the design amends in conjunction with the revised copy and user journeys will make a resounding difference, so we can't wait to get it all up and running.

Once that's all in place, Louis will be focusing his efforts on creating email content in DotMailer. If possible, could we grab the login details? 

Dan will be casting his design eyes over these too, to keep them aligned with the site. Oh, but only when he gets back from his Driver Awareness course on Tuesday (Slow down Daniel!).

Anyways, that's it for your update this week. As always, fire us over any questions and we'll get back to you ASAP. 

Have a merry weekend!

The Bare team