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Big Green Egg #3: Chill Winston, we're off to Copenheaven

Hello team! We hope you've got your kilts and bagpipes ready, because we're steaming our way across the border (we're just at Peebles at the mo) and Edinburgh's not far off. Off the back of our tasty meeting on Wednesday, we're in the midst of some changes that'll make a powerful difference to the BGE site. As discussed, the aim is to finish this all up by the end of Monday, so you may see some gaps right now. In any event, let's take a little tour.

The CTA map and page updates

This was pretty rough and ready, but essentially this CTA map gave us a solid rationale for how we should polish up some of the key pages. For ease of reference, we tidied those wireframes at the bottom to give us the layouts we're working to. They look a little something like this:

How to page

Mode detail page (left). Explore page (right).

You'll notice there's space for illustrations in these wireframes. Jason has kindly agreed to work on these over the weekend so that we can get them uploaded on Monday. If you look around the staging site now (Friday), you'll see prototype placeholders to give you a rough idea.

The How To page has received the most notable treatment. We've even dropped in the first Unlesson:

We're also going to be adding content for the Modes pages today and Monday, thanks to the knowledge we gained on Wednesday. 


Emails have probably seen the least attention over the past week. I think that's probably because some of the site stuff has taken priority, we've had a fair amount of facetime, and there's a bit of a blocker on the segments/variables for the automation emails. On that last point, we decided with Gavin that we'll put the automation bits on the backburner while we've got everything else going on; it's totally still in scope, we'll just pick up when we've got time to gather the info we need.

That said, it's not all doom and gloom: the Magento emails have been edited, Dan's created all of the templates we'll need, and we've got the first welcome email too. We'll also have an edit of the Eggspert email over to you by end of play today (Friday). 


Once everything above is complete, that's Edinburgh. But, in David's words, 'You can't stay in Edinburgh (or Marrakesh) for more than 2.5 days.' That's why we're looking for the next destination already. On that note, Dan's identified some key visual changes to areas of the site we've not looked at yet. These would be part of our next phase, along with some love and attention to the content on the recipe and product pages.


Product page

That about sums this week up guys. As ever, we're just an email or phonecall away if you've got any questions. As our work will run into Monday, we'll be in touch in the afternoon rather than the morning as usual. That way we can keep up momentum, and coast into Edinburgh in time to get a beer or something. 

Oh! Almost forgot: we'll be doing a partial upload of our work so far to the live site on Monday too. That way, we'll ensure the upload is manageable, and it'll also minimise the risk of errors. 

To kickstart your weekend, here's a fly-on-the-wall snapshot of Jon enjoying a chicken. 


The Bare team