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Big Green Egg #4: The Road to Copenheaven

If Edinburgh was a shoe, this week was us tying the laces up (Note to self: did you ever think that's how you'd start a client update?).

We're pretty much done with Edinburgh now (with a couple of known exceptions), so the next time you receive an update like this, it'll be about an en entirely more Scandinavian journey. For the sake of completeness though, here's a round-up of what's been going on in the Bare studio.


Monday was definitely the busiest day for us this week. Most notably, we've moved almost all of the content to the live site from staging. That's a call to celebrate in our minds. It's a big milestone, given that only a few weeks back, we were having early conversations and discovering what BGE was all about. 

There are some dev things we've noticed since, which we'll follow up on separately, but on the whole it's looking pretty darn good. 


Page-wise, we're good to go. We've built the wireframes discussed in our last meeting, and for the most part, illustrations are in too. Direct and indirect heat are the exceptions, which are currently being artworked, but they're more or less ready to drop in. I'll ask Dan to update you on these as required.

There was talk of including the dome in the illustrations too. We think there's a lot of visual impact in the dome - it's perhaps the most iconic element of the BGE - but as it stands, the space we've got for the images is too short to accommodate it. That said, if there's a way to fit it in that we're missing, we're happy to explore it. 

As far as staging > live goes, we're pretty flexible. Once we've got the go-ahead, we'll move things over as above.

Emails and print

Brightpearl emails have now been Eggified where possible, and we've also taken a look at the Are You An Eggspert? email/landing page. Did you guys have any thoughts on the latter? I know David was after an honest estimation of how long it took to rewrite these things, so I'd say it was probably around 90 minutes in total. That includes Louis's time on the words, and Dan's time getting the email to look good.

We also re-imagined the BGE tri-fold leaflet. We're really happy with both the visuals and the tone, and we hope you are too! :)


It's been pretty busy on the document front this week as well! You should have received the brand guidelines on Monday via email, which'll really help to define how we use fonts, colours and other elements moving forward.

We've also formalised the CTA map and summarised our thoughts on the first steps to Copenheaven. As above, you should have copies of all these now, but if anything's been misplaced, just drop one of the team an email and we'll be happy to resend.

That about wraps things up this week, so have a great weekend! We hope to catch up Monday to steer us onto the right path for the coming weeks.

All the best,

The Bare team