The Bare Collective is from and for people who want to align what they do with what they love. 


Jo Cruickshanks

Bare ‘What’s Inside’ to discover the truth

I have spent the last 25 years working and growing brands of all sizes. After spending years stressed-out and working out of alignment with what I love (but always trying to get there), I created Bare as a Collective to work with others who want to create and thrive doing meaningful work. I value creativity, courage, innovation, art, intuition, health, beauty, family, spiritual practice and growth. I’m here to strip back old stories and re-organise them in an aligned, resonant way that provides a clear strategy.
You can work with me as a coach, consultant or creative business strategist/director.


Dan Jones

Bare your Identity + Design

I’m here to bring your idea or vision to life through design. My passion is to make things look good and just as importantly, work well. I’m all about collaboration, listening intently to your vision, ideas and pain points to find a creative solution that will truly work for you and your audience.

You can work with me as an Art-Director, UX designer, Brand designer, Web designer and Print designer.


Jon Syrett

Bare your story from behind the lens

Film-making and taking photos of brands that want to stand-out and do good things is what makes me tick. I also love to put a brand live on a website, tell the story quickly, so people can get on with their big vision. It’s taken me about 5 years to own the fact that I can do what I love for people, so I also love helping others get out of that place of being apologetic about whether you are good enough or worthy enough to do what you love.


Louis Pollard

Bare your story with considered words

My big passion is words and making them work for people so that they engage and resonate with the right audience.
A lot of people say they can’t write and I love to collaborate with a client by listening to everything that is in their consciousness and then editing that into a story that’s coherent and compelling.