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Hey folks and welcome to Bare's new Ts&Cs. We've made a lot of effort to simplify all this legal stuff so that anyone can read and understand things easily. Away with all that jargon, and definitely no clauses within clauses. GDPR or no, we think it's better this way.

For starters, here are a few principles about how we use data. We use these to guide all the decisions we make.

  1. We will always be lawful, fair and transparent.
  2. We will only collect the data we need. 
  3. We will keep as little data as possible.
  4. We will always make sure all data are accurate. If it’s not, just let us know and we'll update it ASAP.
  5. We'll only keep data for as long as we need it.
  6. We'll always keep your data confidential and safe.
  7. We will always get your consent before gathering and processing your data. No consent means no data, period. 

There's some more specific stuff as well. 

  1. The site you're looking at is hosted by Shopify. They're a trusted partner of ours. They