Magnetise your Business By the Beach: A powerful story and marketing workshop

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A Virgin Start-up Workshop: Create A Magnetic Brand in One Day, by the Sea.

In this fast paced, practical and inspirational workshop, you'll understand what people truly value about your products and services so you can tell the stories that matter the most to them. And that means your marketing efforts will reach the right people, and generate the growth and profit you deserve.






Why Attend?

With this workshop, you'll get clear on:

why you're doing what you're doing
how to get more people to care
how to do marketing that feels great and works
how to talk about your business to other people

    This level of brand and marketing work is normally delivered by the team to large corporates spending thousands of pounds on figuring out their strategy. We have put this group workshop together to help smaller businesses do the same, for far less investment, because a lack of clarity may already be costing you a great deal in many ways. In just one day you'll understand what you need to do to make make the most of the stories you're telling and the marketing you're doing. You'll also meet some great people who may help you execute on the ideas that emerges from this day.

    The problem with many entrepreneurs' approach to marketing their products or services is that they don't work out what the problem they are solving and instead offer complicated copy and messages to prove how they have the solution.

    But your customers' needs are not so complicated.  If you figure out what problems you solve instead of what services you offer, your messages will be simpler and will resonate with your ideal customers.






    What to expect

    This workshop will enable you to create narratives that are impossible for your customers to ignore. It will make your proposition valuable and meaningful to the people you want to attract. You'll learn, using some priceless storytelling techniques, why traditional approaches to marketing are outdated, and how the likes of AirBnB, Warby Parker and Everlane are able to launch such disruptive products into the world. 

    Lastly, you'll write on a banana. It will probably be the most important thing you ever write.

    Hear what previous attendees got from a previous session:


    Who is this for?

    If you are a business leader or entreprenuer who struggles with marketing your business and wants to get more customers and drive more revenue, all whilst using your powers for good, this workshop is for you. It doesn't matter whether you have a business that's been running 10 years, or isn't even live yet, this workshop will give you the clarity to make the next game-changing steps.



    Where is the workshop and who is running it?

    The workshop will be held in a simple, yet stunning space overlooking the beach at Branksome Dene Chine.  The event will be hosted by Joanna Cruickshanks, a 20 year brand, marketing and digital veteran who has worked with many iconic brands globally and now owns a disruptive, lean brand story agency called Bare Collective in Bournemouth. The Bare Collective co-founders will be assisting on the day too and bring unique skills in design, copy, photography, film and illustration.
    We'll start at 9.30am and run to 5pm. Bring your swim suit incase the weather is good and we go for a dip. We're 1 hour 45 mins from London by train and very easy to get to from the station. We can advise hotels and places to visit if you wish to make the most of being near the sea.