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Behind every great brand, there's a great brand strategy. At Bare, we may do things a bit differently, but our strategic thinking is up there with the best of them. Unlike many agencies, we coach our clients to be self-contained brand gurus themselves, rather than having to keep us on an expensive (and wasteful) retainer.

-  Storytelling

-  Marketing Strategy

-  Content Strategy

-  Brand Naming

-  Brand Positioning

-  Social Strategy

-  Coaching & Mentoring




They say content is king. They also say the customer is king. We say that the two are inextricably linked. Our consumer-centric approach to storytelling is a surefire way to captivate and inspire any audience. We can also handle the day-to-day management of website content if you're spinning lots of plates at once.

-  Copywriting

-  Tone of Voice

-  Content Management

-  Content Population

-  Content Development Training




First impressions are everything, which is a mantra that your design can make or break. Anyone can design a website, up to a point. We pride ourselves on pushing through that final 5%; the little details that make all the difference. By re-thinking the design process, we're able cut out the waste, speed things up, and make this vital service more accessible than ever before.

-  Branding

-  Web Design

-  Logo Design

-  Print Design

-  Packaging Design

-  Brochure Design

-  User Experience (UX)

-  User Interface (UI)

-  Art Direction


& Film


We believe that epic film and photography doesn't need an epic budget to match. While many brands are trapped in the world of iStock, our process allows you to capture your brand's message, personality, and visual flair with all the clout you'd expect on a relative shoestring. We're award-winning filmmakers.

-  Product Photography

-  Product Film

-  Lifestyle Photography

-  Lifestyle Film

-  Event Photography

-  Event Film

- Social media content creation