When &Keep first came to us, they knew they wanted to sell kitchenware. By the time they'd left, they had a powerful, unique storytelling brand whose mission was to save and preserve the planet for future generations. We worked with Jon and Natasha to build this vision from the ground up.


Tapping into tales of the co-founders' travels around the world, we created a story about efficiency, sustainability and fun. Using this as the baseline, we created a brand and Shopify store that continues to assist &Keep in cultivating awards.


&Keep is a full brand experience we can't help but be proud of. Here's just some of the stuff we did:

  • Branding and naming
  • Shopify website design and build
  • Print design
  • Story creation
  • Website copy and editing
  • Product descriptions
  • Marketing and automated emails
&Keep-Biz Cards.jpg