Aprés Food Co.

Aprés Food Co. were fed up of the post-meal slump. They were also tired of the idea that feel-good comfort food was always bad for you. That's why we helped them to define their mission and tell their story: Make friends with food.


We discovered a visual identity and tone of voice that truly set them apart, in advance of their café opening in Clerkenwell. By building this vision on Shopify, we were able to create a distinctive and powerful home for their recipes, advice and menus, combined with the art direction to make it all pop.


With the Aprés story as our foundation, we co-created a full brand experience we can't help but be proud of. Here's just some of the stuff we did:

  • Branding
  • Website design and build
  • Print design
  • Interior design
  • Photography
  • Website copy
  • Marketing and automated emails
  • Tone of Voice
You and your team are priceless - simply dynamite!
— Catherine Sharman, Co-Founder of Aprés Food Co.